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When you upgraded your POTS (Plain old Telephone System) to a more sophisticated VoIP (Voice over IP) system Drew Lock Authentic Jersey , you could have been under no illusions that you were making the best decision for your business. The old land line phones simply could not handle the number of calls you were receiving, and it was impossible to tell who was calling in many cases. When you upgraded to VoIP phones however, everything changed and you were suddenly able to make sense of everything.

As with anything though, your VoIP system has gone out of date and you need to upgrade it. The question that you might be asking Dalton Risner Authentic Jersey , however, is how do you go about upgrading this sophisticated system? Is it difficult? Will I need to hire professional technicians to do the job for me?

The truth is that upgrading a VoIP phone system is actually remarkably straightforward. It will require that you spend some money, but the best way to go about it would be to talk to the company that you ordered the system through in the first place. They will be able to tell you about any upgrades that have been made, and you can choose which equipment to purchase.

There are a few parts that will probably need to be replaced. The most obvious one is the VoIP server. This is something that will sit in your network room alongside the voicemail server. At some point both of these will need to be upgraded Noah Fant Authentic Jersey , either because you ran out of voicemail space or because you've gotten tired of sending out a memo asking everyone to please delete their voicemail after they've listened to it.

Other parts that could need replacing might include the handsets or even the bases. Typically you would want to replace your handsets and phone bases when something new comes out because they will be packed with the very latest features. Anything that you can do to make your phone system work more efficiently should be welcomed in your workplace.

Typically you will be able to install all of the equipment yourself, and you will not need the help of any outside experts unless you do not have a technical department in your workplace. The equipment could then be installed by professionals, so long as the company you went through offers this service.

The most important thing however, is that you do not neglect getting this taken care of. If you do Royce Freeman Authentic Jersey , then your phone systems will be out of date and your company will not be working anywhere near as efficiently as it actually should. That being said, it would be wise to check your provider's website or stay in touch with them often to see whether or not there are any upgraded systems available.

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