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small minority of runners that will eventually “fade Adidas Superstar Femme away.” Based on my experience, I would tend to agree that barefoot running is not a widespread practice in the running community (I filmed over 975 runners at the Manchester Marathon last Fall, and not one was barefoot, nor did I see a single barefoot Nike Air Max 2017 Femme runner in a 5K with several thousand runners last night in my hometown), but I fail to see why this relative rarity is pertinent to the debate on the merits of barefoot running? It seems like this argument is brought up moreso in the context of marginalizing and isolating barefoot runners more than anything else.Although there may not be a lot of people running barefoot as a percentage of the total running population, some are, and the level of interest in both barefoot and minimalist running is high right now (I can attest to this personally based on the level of traffic my posts on Nike Air Max Classic BW Damen the subject bring to this blog), probably thanks to media attention associated with the publication of Christopher McDougall’s “Born to Run” and Daniel Lieberman’s recent paper in Nature. Dismissing barefoot running as a fad that will “fade away” ignores the fact that a least some people want to try it, and should be advised how to do it carefully Nike Air Max 90 Womens Pink so that they don’t get hurt (and some in the medical profession have done this very well). On the one hand, the podiatrists on the “barefoot running” thread repeatedly say they have nothing against barefoot running if done correctly, then in the next breath some of them refer to barefoot runners as “nutters,” then hedge by pointing out that some are more reasonable than others. One commenter went so far as to mock Daniel Lieberman for only being able to run the London Marathon at a 10:41Adidas Ultra Boost Dames pace, and called it “not a very good advertisement for Vibram Fivefingers.” Mocking fellow academic researchers for not being able to hang with elite runners is just plain unprofessional, and quite frankly, borderline offensive. Critically analyzing Lieberman’s research on its scientific merits is fine, but attacking him personally based on a race time is bad form.Similarly, I don’t view it as helpful when barefoot runners hammer on podiatrists as peddling garbage and snake-oil that. I don’t view any of this as helpful since it only reinforces the www.braderiekwadijk.nlanimosity between these two camps. Thoughtful and respectful discussion would go a long way to helping move along the science behind this debate – lets stop with the mutual hating on each other (is that too strong a word?).I repeatedly see long-time runners commenting that the recent barefoot/minimalist running trend/resurgence is “nothing new” and that they were running in minimalist shoes back in the 1960’s and early 1970Nike Air Max 270 Dames ’s because that’s all they had to wear back then. I’m not sure what this rather annoying argument accomplishes other than to make those making it take Nike Air Max 270 Femme on an air of superiority relative to those of us who don’t have the good fortune to have been running for decades.I doubt many would disagree with the statement that shoes in the 60’s and 70’s were a lot like today’s so-called “minimalist shoes”, but the reality is that a lot of runners out there today weren’t running in the 60’s and 70’s, and have only been exposed to running in pronation controlled shoes with a large heel. The idea of running in a “minimalist” shoe is new to this population of runners (myself included – I’ve run off-and-on most of my life, but regularly and fanatically for only about 3 years), and many are fearful of the consequences of moving away from shoes that Nike Air Max 90 Donne they have been told that they need to wear by supposedly more knowledgeable running store clerks and running publications. I’m no different – I was put in stability shoes when I first started running, www.armagilus.frand it was something of a leap of faith when I started running in Nike Free 3.0’s, and then in the Vibram Fiivefingers. Thankfully, I have had a very positive experience moving toward lighter, less-supportive running footwear, and have not been bitten by the injury bug (although I’ve probably now jinxed myself by saying that). I had no idea that lightweight trainers and racing flats were a possibility. I wasn’t running back in the 60’s and early 70’s (I wasn’t even born yet), so the idea was new to me, regardless of how old it might be to some who have been running for 30-40 years.

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